‘The highest return on investment decision of the year’
–  HNW Private Investor

‘The European Value Investing Conference with the best social events and networking opportunities. You come for the ideas, you go with friends (and ideas).’
–  Swiss Family Office 

an annual by-invitation gathering of global investors to share investment ideas & network in a casual setting.

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Most similar to:  Guy Spier’s VALUEx Klosters
Past attendants included:  Robotti & Co, Firebird Mgmt, Veraison Capital, LLB Asset Mgmt, Bank Havilland, Crescat Capital, Bireme Capital, Nordic Investment Partners, Vidya Capital, Quo Vadis Capital, Pastel & Associés, Axia Capital, Ambient Sound Inv., Sicart Associates, Stone Forest Capital, Renaissance Group, , Aquitania Capital Mgmt, Thistledown Inv Mgmt, Invesco Perpetual, River Oak Capital, Uguisu Research, Helsinki Partners, Forum Family Office, SIM Ltd, etc
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Organizer:  Sophocles Sophocleous, CFA

Why does the event exist?

As investors, we were never satisfied by the conferences and events we have been to.  The topics were too theoretical, the actionable ideas were scarce, the speakers were inaccessible, networking opportunities were either few or too formal and the costs are usually high.  So we decided to do something about it.  We created the Cyprus Value Investor Conference.

The event was organized for the first time in 2016 by Sophocles Sophocleous (fatalpha.com) and Tim du Toit (quant-investing.com).  If you’d like to read a bit about the history of the event please read the May 2018 article “How The Event Was Born And The Resulting Chain Reaction.”

Who should attend?

The event is by investors for investors.  If you are a professional investor, retail investor, family office, wealth manager, academic or otherwise interested in the markets and share our philosophy (see below) then you are welcome.  The quality of the content and participants is second to none and it is the main reason several professionals have been coming back for years.  Money does not buy you a place at this table, and we couldn’t care less if you manage $1m or $1b.  All participants have the opportunity to present regardless of wealth, fame, and AUM.  Do you have an idea worth sharing?

Event Goals & Philosophy

Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive to learning and sharing, the development of friendships between investors, and for everyone to walk away with a tangible benefit.  The event is kept small so as to allow people to get to know each other and for friendships to develop.  As a result, participants hear investment ideas, gain knowledge from the topics discussed and get to meet new and interesting investors from around the world.

As this is an idea exchange, participants are asked to contribute in some way to the event.  This is usually by a presentation on an investment idea, topic or a Q&A session.  In other words some type of sharing of information and knowledge.  This helps everyone become better investors and to benefit directly.  In addition, it allows everyone to get to know the participant which usually leads to further discussion.

Non-solicitation rule

We share a similar rule to Guy Spier’s VALUEx.  The rule regards non-solicitation and is as follows:  During the whole event, please refrain from all unsolicited pitches – whether of investment or of business propositions.  You should of course, feel free to respond to genuine enquiries of interest from other participants.  Our goal in doing this is to create an environment that is conducive to learning and sharing.  We have learned that some of our highest valued participants will not come if they think that they will be accosted by enthusiastic salespeople.  During the event, there are plenty of networking opportunities so once everyone gets to know each other, any future business happens on its own and thus sales pitches are not required.  So no participant needs to worry about their story or business not getting known.  But we frown upon ‘cold-calling’ type pitches.  The small size of the event ensures that everyone will speak to everyone.