How do I book a room at the hotel?
We will send you a special hotel link with the special rates. You need to use this link to book your room and settle the cost directly with the hotel. If you need a different room then please feel free to contact the hotel and mention to them that you are coming for the event. We have reserved a limited number of rooms that will be released past a certain date so book early. Should you not book, we do not guarantee you will find a room.

WhatsApp Group Chat
We have a private chat on WhatsApp for participants only. We use it for announcements but also for participants to chat. We recommend that you join. We can’t send an email out each time there is an announcement.

How long are the presentations?
Each speaker has up to 15 minutes to present..

I am presenting for the first time. How should my presentation be structured?
The great majority of the presentation should be about the idea. No more than 1-2 minutes (1-2 slides) must be spent on the speaker’s background or process.

How strict is the time allocated?
Very strict. We will cut you off at the 15-minute mark. In our experience, the majority of participants prefer we keep to the schedule. In our opinion, very few presentations need more time to get the main points across.

I’m running late for an activity. Will I miss the bus?
Yes, as noted above we run a tight schedule. We will depart and you will need to find your own transport.

What should I wear?
Whatever is comfortable. The event is held outside. People usually wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.

How do I get to the hotel?
We recommend you take a taxi from the airport. You can also book a taxi directly from the hotel website or use the Bolt app. There is no Uber in Cyprus. There is also a bus shuttle company that is cheaper but would require you to then take an extra taxi from the station to the hotel. Shuttle website: https://www.kapnosairportshuttle.com/

Where can I find all the event presentations?
Following the event, we will upload all the presentations to a password-protected page. If for whatever reason you do not want to share your presentation then please let us know and we won’t upload it.

What food will be served?
The hotel lunch is a buffet, while the dinners will vary from year to year (we may do a fish meze one night and a meat meze on another). If you have allergies please speak with the staff at the venue we will be eating at. We assume no responsibility for your health.

What is the currency in Cyprus? Are credit cards accepted?
The Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Is Cyprus safe?
We believe Cyprus is very safe.