If you are interested in attending but have not received an invitation and don’t know any of our past participants then please send us an email with answers to the below questions

Question 1
Please send us 1) a few words about yourself, 2) LinkedIn profile link, and 3) samples of any research you have written.

Question 2
Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive to learning and sharing, the development of friendships between value investors, and for everyone to walk away with a tangible benefit.  As this is an idea exchange, participants are asked to contribute via presenting an investment idea or topic.  In other words some type of sharing of information and knowledge.  In addition, it allows everyone to get to know the participant which usually leads to further discussion. The investment idea can be any publicly traded asset (no ETFs, or funds). Topics need to be pre-approved. Are you prepared to give a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation? (Only 1-2 min on self, the rest must be about the idea).

Question 3
We have a non-solicitation rule that is as follows:  During the whole event, please refrain from all unsolicited pitches – whether of investment or of business propositions.  You should of course, feel free to respond to genuine enquiries of interest from other participants.  Our goal in doing this is to create an environment that is conducive to learning and sharing.  We have learned that some of our highest valued participants will not come if they think that they will be accosted by enthusiastic salespeople.  During the event, there are plenty of networking opportunities, and the small size of the event ensures that everyone will speak to everyone. No participant needs to worry about their own story not getting known.  We frown upon ‘cold-call’ type pitches and should we suspect foul play we reserve the right to ask you to leave. Do you understand our non-solicitation rule and agree to abide by it?

Question 4
Confidentiality and trust is important. We expect that participants will not share information from the event with others without their permission. Do you agree to abide by this?